6 Must-Visit Vegan Travel Destinations in 2024

It can be tough to travel as a vegan. Unfamiliar dishes and produce can make it hard to find vegan options on menus and in supermarkets, and this process becomes all the more difficult if there’s a language barrier at play.

Luckily, the world is gradually becoming more vegan friendly, as increasing numbers of people across the globe choose a plant-based lifestyle and reduce their consumption of animal products.

If you’re planning to travel in 2024, you might be wondering which parts of the world are the most vegan friendly. Here are six must-visit travel destinations for vegans.

1. Taipei, Taiwan

With more than six-hundred vegan restaurants scattered across it, Taiwan is one of the best vegan friendly destinations in the world. With multiple options for animal-free dishes, the capital city of Taipei is a popular tourist destination thanks to its rich variety of museums and historic sites.

Veganism is common in Taiwan because a large proportion of the population is Buddhist, and traditional Taiwanese Buddhists abstain from all animal products. Although it’s common in modern Buddhism for small amounts of eggs and milk to be consumed, it’s still very easy to request dairy-free alternatives.

Vegan travel tip: There’s some confusion over the term “veganism” in Taiwan, so it’s easier to state that you don’t eat meat, eggs and dairy. This request is very common, and restaurants are happy to oblige.

2. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is affectionately known as the vegan capital of Europe thanks to its huge variety of plant-based eateries. There are almost 100 exclusively vegan restaurants, cafes, diners, bistros and food stalls across the city. Plus, many non-vegan restaurants have excellent vegan options on their menus due to the popularity of veganism in Berlin.

The city is incredibly culturally diverse which is why it has become so accommodating to vegan locals and visitors. Plus, this diversity means it’s easy to find vegan restaurants that specialize in worldwide cuisine as well as traditional German fare.

In addition to food, Berlin is a great destination to find non-edible vegan products like shoes, clothing and cosmetics. Be sure to pay a visit to Schivelbeiner Straße, an entire avenue of vegan establishments.

Vegan restaurant tip: If you’re in the mood for something more fancy, be sure to check out Oukan for the best vegan Japanese fine dining in Berlin.

3. Portland, USA

The city of Portland in Oregon, USA, is renowned for its progressive, inclusive culture. It’s this that has allowed its vegan community to thrive, so much so that the city is deemed the vegan capital of the United States.

There’s a huge variety of exclusively vegan eateries to dine in, with cuisine ranging from affordable burgers in casual cafes to luxury dishes in gourmet restaurants. Plus, the city is home to several vegan delis and grocery stores where you can pick up a range of fresh produce, including cheese and meat alternatives.

Be sure to check out the vegan mini-strip mall where you can find plenty of plant-based produce, baked goods, clothing, shoes, and even a tattoo parlor.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Traditional Argentinian cuisine heavily centers around meat which can make it tricky to travel here as a vegan. Buenos Aires is the exception. This progressive city has many vegan restaurants, making it one of the best destinations in South America for vegans.

It’s a fantastic city to visit if you want a taste of Argentinian cuisine without any animal products, with many restaurants offering plant-based alternatives to their traditional dishes.

Vegan travel tip: If you venture out of the capital city to explore quieter parts of the country, you might have trouble finding vegan options so bring plenty of snacks with you. If in doubt, ask for the ‘Ensalada completa’ without eggs or dressing for a big plate of delicious fresh salad vegetables. This can make a filling meal when you ask for potatoes on the side.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Indonesian cuisine commonly features tofu and tempeh, both of which are fantastic sources of protein for vegans. This means it’s relatively easy to find flavorful plant-based dishes here, prepared by chefs who are skilled in using these ingredients.

Bali is a particularly great destination for vegans because it’s known as a health hub. It’s the go-to destination for yoga and meditation retreats, and the island produces plenty of delicious fresh fruit and vegetables. You can find many dedicated vegan eateries and health food stores all over the island.

As well as being a stunning tropical destination, Bali is a brilliant place to take cooking classes to help you learn delicious new vegan recipes, especially those using tofu and tempeh.

6. Marrakesh, Morocco

Morocco is a vibrant country, and with regards to cuisine it’s well known for its rich, slow-cooked meat dishes. But luckily, there are plenty of vegan options available if you know what to ask for, especially in the country’s big cities.

Marrakesh is an incredibly popular tourist destination, welcoming in excess of three million tourists each year. For this reason it has a fairly diverse offering when it comes to dining options. You can find many vegetarian and vegan eateries in the city, and many non-vegan restaurants have good vegetarian and vegan options.

Vegan travel tip: A safe and tasty option in a non-vegan establishment is what’s known as a “Moroccan salad”. This is a series of small vegetable-based dishes, usually served as an appetizer, that very rarely contain any animal products. It’s also common to find vegetarian couscous and tagine dishes on menus. Most of the time these don’t contain any animal products, but be sure to double check before ordering.

Explore the world via veganism in 2024

Centering your travel plans around vegan-friendly destinations is not only a great way to enjoy delicious plant-based food on vacation, but it can also help you to connect with fellow vegan travelers on the road. Now you know of some of the world’s best destinations for vegans, you can get started planning your 2024 vegan travel itinerary.

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