When curiosity meets veganism.

Whether you’re a full-fledged vegan or a hard-core carnivore (or neither), chances are that you’ve had a discussion about veganism before. Is it just another fad diet? Is it really better for the planet and for your health? Don’t plants have feelings too?

Back when I started my vegan journey in 2019, I felt overwhelmed (and, frankly, intimidated) by the copious amounts of conflicting opinions and negativity floating around the vegan corners of the internet. Neither the jacked raw vegan endurance athletes nor the fervent animal rights activists felt relatable to my own vegan experience.

I created EcoWorlder as the friendly resource I wish I’d have had as a vegan newbie who was just looking for some simple answers that toned it down on the ideology front and up on the no-judgement side of things. My goal is to provide easy answers to the questions you’ve always asked yourself about the vegan lifestyle, fact-check common myths, and sprinkle in some sustainability and travel tips here and there.

Whether you’re a fellow vegan or simply plant-curious, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to shoot me a message over the contact form. Or check out EcoWorlder’s Instagram and Reddit channels for some fun infographics, myth-busters, and the *occasional* meme.

Hope to hear from you soon!