Ironic Tip to Reduce Body Heat: Warm Drinks Are Better Than Cold

It’s hard to tell the future, but one thing is certain:

Instances of heat waves and extreme temperatures will only increase (thanks, climate change).

So how can you reduce body heat effectively in blistering hot conditions? The answer will surprise you.

The Unconventional Tip to Reduce Body Heat

Before you instinctively reach for that ice cold bottle of water, opt for a warm tea to cool you off instead.

Seems counterintuitive, right?

Turns out that warm beverages may be more effective at reducing body heat than cold ones.

Research suggests that drinking a warm tea or coffee has a greater cooling effect than that icy refreshers. Provided humidity levels aren’t too high, the extra sweat that the body produces after ingesting something warm evaporates. As a result, heat stored in the body is released and body temperature is regulated.

Why Are Warm Drinks Better at Reducing Body Heat?

The explanation behind the cooling mechanisms of warm vs. cold beverages is simple.

Check out this slideshow for details:

  • Infographic: Why warm drinks are better than cold drinks at cooling you off.
  • Warm drinks have a better cooling effect than ice cold ones explained.
  • Effects of cold drinks on body temperature explained.
  • Why are warm drinks better than cold ones at reducing body heat?
  • Warm drinks cool you off by inducing sweat.
  • Cooling effect of cold drinks.

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  1. Another insight into why Indian and Chinese people have been drinking tea for centuries. These ancient cultures’s knowledge base is ignored – until Eurokleptocene science catches up!

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