Vegan Reviews. 100% honest.

There are a lot of vegan products out there. Some great, others less so.

These honest reviews are 100% my own opinion and here to identify the vegan products actually worth buying.

  • Oukan Berlin: 100% Vegan Japanese Fine Dining
    Traveling to the Far East from Germany in just under three hours is finally possible. Dinner at the Oukan Berlin beams you into a peaceful alternate reality characterized by mindfulness,[…]
  • Ehrliche Vegan Chunky Flavour Bewertung: Top oder Flop?
    Abnehmen ohne Hungern. Heißhunger vermeiden. Kalorienfrei schlemmen. Wer auch nur ein bisschen Zeit auf Instagram verbringt, wird früher oder später mit dem aggressiven Influencermarketing von More Nutrition konfrontiert. Nach langem[…]
  • The Obsession is Real – Myprotein Soy Protein Isolate Review
    Looking for a vegan protein powder that actually tastes good? I’ve got you. Finding a vegan protein that doesn’t have the consistency and taste of sand can be frustrating. Luckily,[…]