The Best Vegan Camping Festivals Around the World

Finding edible vegan food at large camping festivals can be a frustrating endeavor. Either there are no tasty plant-based options at all, or the ones available are few and far between.

Luckily, these 4 vegan camping festivals around the world offer a 100% cruelty-free experience for plant-loving camping enthusiasts!

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#1. Vegan Camp Out

Where: Leicestershire, UK

Visit the website here.

Vegan campers rejoice! The world’s largest vegan camping festival is back in July 2022 for 4 days of festival fun.

With campers from over 40 countries every year, Vegan Camp Out is among the most international vegan events out there. And the festival has a lot to offer too.

Indulge in eats from over 60 vegan food vendors, ranging from American comfort food and raw vegan treats to Thai delicacies.

Vegan Camp Out’s food offering is only rivaled by its speaker line-up. At the event, you have the unique opportunity to tune in to inspiring talks from vegan celebrities including Earthling EdGaz OakleyNimai Delgado, and Mic the Vegan  (to name a few).

#2. Kind Hearted Campout

Where: Palomar Mountain, California

Visit the website here.

Looking for vegan community spirit and serene nature? The Kind Hearted Campout has got you covered!

The Kind Hearted Coalition, a committed animal liberation group based in California, is hosting its 2nd annual campout in September 2022 at a scenic ranch in the beautiful Cleveland National Forest.

Spend an exciting weekend amidst hundreds of old oak trees diving deep into all things animal liberation, veganism, and activism. Besides relaxing yoga sessions, art projects, and a DJ dance party, tune in to moving talks from inspiring activists and thought leaders.

#3. Vegan Kids Festival

Where: Dorset, UK

Visit the website here.

Vegan parents know the struggle: Explaining to your kids why they can’t have the ice cream or cake at a non-vegan friend’s birthday party is frustrating. But for an entire weekend in July, those worries can take a back seat.

With a range of thrilling activities for toddlers, kids, and teens, the Vegan Kids Festival was created for plant-based families to spend quality time in nature and make like-minded friends (and toast vegan marshmallows by crackling campfires).

From face painting, silent discos, and graffiti workshops to outdoor games and comfy hot chocolate hangouts, the plethora of fun activities are an insurance against boredom.

Between events, stroll through to Vegan Village to shop vegan essentials from local family-run businesses or dig in to freshly prepared vegan eats from the various food vendors.

Families can choose between bringing their own tents, staying in a caravan, or splurging on a comfortable glamping tent. For the particularly adventurous, Vegan Kids Festival offers special floating tree houses and other unique accommodations too!

#4. Vegamping

Where: Belgium

Visit the website here.

Although unfortunately cancelled for July 2022, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future editions of the hyper-idyllic Vegamping festival in Belgium. Located among the beautiful gardens of Kasteel van Loppem, a picturesque historical castle in West Flanders, the 3-day festival is the ultimate immersive vegan experience.

Organized by New Ethics, an organization that works closely with various other non-profits, Vegamping is home to fantastic vegan food, live music acts, cooking and activism workshops, yoga activities, and much more.

Don’t forget to attend their legendary after parties too!

Vegan Camping FAQs

Is camping eco-friendly?

Camping is more environmentally friendly than hotel stays. The average summer night in a camping trailer produces 1.5 kg of CO2 equivalents, while a night in a hotel produces 17 kg.

What do vegans eat when they go camping?

Easy vegan camping food includes tortillas/wraps, bread rolls, oats, beans, rice, and granola. You can also pack your own trail mix, protein bars, and vegan burger patties. The list is endless!

Are S’mores vegan?

Depends. Graham crackers and dark chocolate are usually vegan. However, most marshmallow brands contain gelatin. Since gelatin is derived from animal body parts, vegans should avoid conventional marshmallow brands.

Can you take tofu camping?

Raw unrefrigerated tofu lasts one to two days. Tofu is a great BBQ alternative to meat burgers and sausages. Marinate the tofu at home before your camping trip to save extra time.

Is your favorite vegan camping festival not on the list? Let me know.

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